Teen Voices Magazine

31 Jul

Bibliographic Information

Teen Voices Magazine bi-annual magazine published by Women Express Inc.

Plot Summary

Teen Voices is a magazine created by and for teen girls.  Their mission is to move beyond what girls look like and focus instead on what they think.  The magazine encourages teenage girls to become leaders in their communities and focus their attention on the values of social justice, diversity, gender equality, empowerment, collaboration, integrity and accountability, excellence and impact, and choice.  While the editorial department made up of adult educators, the magazine is directed by a teen editorial board and receives submissions from girls around the globe.

In every issue, the magazine contains feature news stories on social issues as well as profiles of female leaders, both famous and not famous.  In addition, the magazine offers an advice column, book, music, and film reviews, and original poetry, fiction, and art from teen girls around the world.

Critical Evaluation

While most magazines directed at teen girls focus on fashion, makeup, and celebrities, Teen Voices gives girls a vehicle to write about issues that affect their lives. In the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 issue, for example, the magazine had articles on the politics of Black hair, teenage cutting, and the process of coming out to friends and family.  In addition to these feature stories, the magazine profiled political strategist Donna Brazile, singer and actress Chani Christie, and Neha Gupta, a girl who started a non-profit to help orphans in India.  The editors haven’t forgotten about fashion either.  Instead of focusing on the latest designs worn by celebrities, however, the issue focuses on how to find a career in fashion, whether it’s being a stylist, fashion writer, or merchandiser.  Nearly every article contains useful links to good websites for readers to follow up on a topic with more information.

All the stories are well researched and well written and offer readers important information on relevant topics.  The page layout is professional looking and reader friendly, with lots of great photos and illustrations and info-graphics.  The magazine is also blessedly free of advertisements, which might undermine the editorial mission to “support and educate teen girls, amplify their voices, and create social change through media.”  The only drawback to this excellent publication is that it only comes out twice a year.

Reader’s Annotation

Are you tired of looking at pages of gossip about celebrity hairstyles?  Want to read a magazine that has more interesting content than advertisements?   Then pick up a copy of Teen Voices, a magazine written by, for, and about teen girls.  You’ll like what you see.

Information about the author

Teen Voices is written by, for, and about young women.


Magazine writing, Journalism

Curriculum Ties

English, Civics

Booktalking Ideas


Reading Level / Interest Age

Grade 9 and up

Challenge Issues


Why did I include this title?

I was trying to find a good magazine that’s focused on teenage girls, but I couldn’t get into Teen People, Teen Vogue, or Seventeen magazines.  This might be because I’m an adult male, but I found the content and ads to be promoting an unhealthy vision of what girls should look like and care about.  Teen Voices is a smart, interesting, and fun magazine to read that honors girls’ intelligence and creativity.

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